Visual Booster

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Battery: 3.7V/2800mAh
input: DC 5V/2A
Projection system: LCOS RGB true color mode
Video input: 3-in-1 AV port/VGA port/Apple dock
Audio output: Audio output: built-in 1W speaker, audio output
LED lifespan: 20000 hours
Projection range: 0.2m-3.5m
Image size: 5-70 inches
Resolution: 640*480 pixels (VGA)
Contrast ratio: 200:1
Brightness: 10 Lumens
Support: iPhone / iPod / MP4 / DVD / STB / Laptop
Self-charging time: Around 5 hours
Projection time: Around 2 hours
Dimension: 136*67*38mm
1. Open the projector, and connect iPhone to the Apple dock of the projector;
2. Press the power button to turn on the projector;
3. Tap on the video screen of iPhone, and when the iPhone screen shows “connected” (as shown in the picture), it indicates that the phone is properly connected to the projector and the user should be able to see the projected image directly.
4. If the image is blurry or unclear, adjust the focus until the image is sharp;
5. Adjust the volume when needed;
6. Tap Switch modes if using AV or VGA, until the screen shows up;
7. It will prompt whether you wish to turn off the power on the first press on the power button after projection. Press the button again if you are sure to turn it off.

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